We are introducing a new remote-controlled aircraft tug, the TTT, capable of towing aircraft up to 2500 kg. This tug is suitable for a wide range of aircraft, including those with nose or tail landing gear and with or without aerodynamic fairings. With its intuitive controls, this tug is designed for a single operator who can safely monitor the aircraft from any angle, ensuring safer operations and more efficient use of space in the hangar. We are setting a new standard in aircraft tug controls, emphasizing safety and comfort.
For over thirty years, our company Thermis has been manufacturing engineering equipment for measuring and regulation. It is a great honor for us to produce equipment for the aviation industry. Aviation has a long history in the Czech Republic and is widely popular. We believe that our TTT equipment will make it easier for you to handle your aircraft and contribute to a good experience both on the ground and in the air.

Key Benefits

of the
Turbo Tug Turtle System

Safe Operations

are ensured with intuitive controls and the ability to monitor the aircraft from all sides.

Automatic Loading/Unloading

enables quick and hassle-free manipulation of the aircraft without manual intervention.

Maximized Hangar Space

is achieved with easy controls and the ability to maneuver the tug in tight spaces.

Compatibility with a Wide Range of Aircraft

with or without aerodynamic fairings ensures versatility and usability for different types of aircraft.

Quick and Easy Setup

for different wheel diameters and widths allows for quick and easy adaptability of the tug to different types of aircraft.

Battery-powered, Emission-free Operation

ensures an environmentally friendly and sustainable operation of the tug.

Automatic Loading/Unloading

within 3 seconds allows for quick and hassle-free loading and unloading of the aircraft.

Custom Design and Build

ensures that the tug will be tailored to the customer’s needs and will look the way the customer desires.

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Please contact us for more information


for using the Turbo Tug Turtle system

Do not exceed the maximum allowed weight

The TTT is designed with a significant reserve of both performance and component robustness, but for safe long-term operation, the maximum weight of the towed aircraft is set at 2500 kg.

Always use the “hangar” mode in the hangar

Use the “out” mode only in an open space without obstacles and only when you are completely confident with the control.

Avoid sudden changes in the direction of travel during operation

Try to accelerate and stop as smoothly as possible.

When changing direction of travel

or making a U-turn, never exceed the limits of the steering angle of the towed wheel and do not turn until the stops of the towed wheel control mechanism are reached.

When driving onto the carrier

try to align the TTT axis with the axis of the loaded wheel. Although the positioning elements have their edges modified to guide the towed wheel into the desired position, it is better to load the wheel repeatedly for the protection of the tire

Keep the fastening mechanism clean.

Dirt, sand, and small stones can cause rough operation – greater wear of the mechanism and, in certain situations, may lead to problems when unlocking locks.

If you are unsure about anything or if something about operating the TTT seems unclear to you, please contact us.

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For the joy of flying
not only in the air

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to download

Instructions for using the TTT aircraft towing device

We believe that the TTT will make it easier for you to handle your aircraft and contribute to a good feeling when living with your aircraft on the ground.

THERMIS, spol.s r.o. ISO 9001
Certificate EMC
Certificate Low Voltage
Certificate Machinery
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Our story

Thermis has been producing and supplying highly precise measuring and control instruments for over 30 years. The company had the opportunity to use GA aircraft at the international airport LKTB. As safety requirements became more stringent over time, it was necessary to introduce passive human-powered manipulation or various halfway solutions. This situation brought the challenge of developing a device that would allow for easy, simple transportation of aircraft from the hangar to the border of the SSR space within hundreds of meters. After several years of development, and with several blind alleys, we finally managed to fine-tune our TTT device, which fully meets the requirements of GA aircraft pilots for comfortable aircraft manipulation. As one Czech proverb says, “Everything bad is always good for something.” Thanks to our rich and modern machinery (fiber laser cutting, five-axis CNC lathe, laser welding, 3D printing, etc.) and developed know-how in the field, it was a pleasure for us to develop new equipment outside our standard field. Thanks to a wide range of testing and experimentation, both theoretically and, above all, on a wide range of GA aircraft with different parameters, we managed to develop a universal device with intuitive operation. Today, the TTT production division is an integral part of Thermis TTT (Turbo Tug Turtle). Why this name? One of the first prototypes had a front part in the shape of a turtle shell, so the working title of Turtle-Tug was coined, with “Tug” being self-explanatory and “Turbo” always being better. And, last but not least, the best of everything comes in threes, hence “TTT” or simply “turtle.”

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Turbo Tug Turtle

Certifikát ISO 9001:2015
Certifikát IP 54, IP 45
Certificate EMC
Certificate Low Voltage
Certificate Machinery
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